Anchor Power Services

Core Values

As servants to our customers, we strive to set a new standard in safety, integrity, and honesty with superior quality and value being our ultimate goals.


Anchor’s number one focus has been and will continue to be safety.  We have been blessed with an incredible team of employees and it is our responsibility to see that each and every one of them makes it home to their families in one piece at the end of every day.  We have put certain measures and protocols in place so that we can strive to be as safe and aware as we can possibly be.


The founders of Anchor Power Services have a strong moral compass and have made that evident in every aspect of their efforts in building Anchor into what it is today.  As we grow and change the integrity of our company has never wavered.  Anchor is a company of good character and we operate with a code of ethics that makes us a company you can trust.


Our customers place their trust in us every single day with the responsibility of completing a job safely and in a timely manner with great results.  This trust is built on a firm foundation of honesty on Anchor’s part. When it comes to our customers, we respect and honor the trust they have put in Anchor and maintain transparency and honesty from start to finish.


Delivering a superior quality product is our final goal at the end of every job.  We take the time to train our employees in such a manner that they will uphold this expectation.  With 0 call backs to any job since our start in 2004, we have proven time and again that we will always complete the work we are given to the absolute best of our abilities and with an end result that both Anchor and our customers can be proud of.


With Anchor Power Services our customers are receiving the best value around for the services that we provide.  Anchor operates at a high level of professionalism and will always deliver a superior quality product in the most efficient time frame possible which means our customers are receiving one of the best values in the industry.